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Very relaxed and yet at a high level

Shirley Wong from Netherlands (the lady on the right)

Mandarin Upper Intermediate Full Day Class (18/7 – 29/7, 2011)

1, Why did you choose Hong Kong Language School?

Recommended by relative...

2, How's the school environment?

Easy to find, lots of public transport in the neighborhood...

3, How's the class atmosphere?

Good, very relaxed and yet at a high level...since there was only two students (including myself) in that group, we had enough opportunity to practice a lot.

4, How's your teacher? Was your class effective? Did you learn what you had expected?

Carol is a wonderful teacher. She kept the level high and was very flexible. Besides the book contents she also explained other Chinese terms, the meaning and where the expression came from. Also the conversations were very helpful for me to use Mandarin to make sentences. Since THE class was small, we had THE opportunity to practice a lot, so yes I did learn a lot. My main purpose was to get more acquainted with Mandarin Conversation/vocabulary. And I think this was a good start to begin with...

5, Will you come back & take more lessons? Why?

Hopefully I get THE chance to!

6, Will you recommend Hong Kong Language School to your friends? Why?

Certainly, cos I experienced it to be a good institution....