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Overall, the class is effective and I was able to learn more than I have expected

Mr. Tony Ho from Hong Kong

Mandarin Private Tuition (28/6, 2010 -22/1, 2011)

1, How’s the school environment?

-- The school atmosphere is excellent. All coordinators and teachers are well organized and friendly. My class schedules are very flexible and I can cancel classes when I have other urgent matters.

2, How's the class atmosphere?

-- The class atmosphere is great. The classroom is noise-free and I can concentrate on listening to my teacher. Also, the room has sufficient space for my teacher to write on.

3, How's your teacher? Was your class effective? Did you learn what you had expected?

-- Ms. Liu is the best mandarin teacher that I have so far. She is native in mandarin and fluent in Cantonese and therefore, she knows the mistakes that Cantonese people usually make when speaking mandarin. She spent quite a bit of time to correct my grammatical and pronunciation errors. In addition, I was able to increase my vocabulary by learning new and useful words. Most importantly, she shared many of her experience and taught me about the culture of the Chinese people and the current environment in China. This has enabled me to gain further insight into the Chinese people and perhaps allow me to communicate with them more easily. Overall, the class is effective and I was able to learn more than I have expected. Even though it is very difficult for me to speak native-like mandarin, I strongly believe that I can survive in China without encountering big problems.

4, Will you recommend Hong Kong Language School to your friends & relatives? Why?

-- I will recommend Hong Kong Language School to my friends and relatives if they seek to increase their mandarin levels and culture awareness of the Chinese people. The teachers can easily adapt to the students’ needs and concentrate on correcting their weak areas.