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Our teacher Kam was excellent

Shivanthi Kandiah-Evans from UK (the first lady on the left)

Cantonese Beginners Level 1 & 2 Day Time class (30/1- 24/2, 2012)

"I moved to Hong Kong recently and was looking for a Cantonese course to allow me to be more a part of life here. The Hong Kong Language School was recommended by a friend who did the intensive full-day Cantonese beginners course. I have now completed the first four weeks of the Basic Cantonese for Expatriates course. While it was a fairly intensive experience with lessons taking place each afternoon and some revision to be done each evening, I really enjoyed myself. I found the course content to be well thought through and the combination of taught classes, course book, written and spoken exercises and CD to be effective in helping me learn. Our teacher Kam was excellent. She introduced and explained vocabulary and concepts clearly and allowed plenty of time for us (there were three of us in our class) to practice and ask questions. In addition to covering the course material she responded to our many questions on vocabulary to deal with various situations. I plan to return later on this year to complete the remaining four weeks of this course. In the meantime I'm busy memorizing vocabulary and using my basic Cantonese as much as I can!!"