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The schedule was also very flexible which was helpful

Jonathan Chan from U.S.A. (the gentleman on the left)

Cantonese Upper Intermediate to Advanced level (25/6 – 25/7, 2012)

1, Why did you choose Hong Kong Language School?

I was recommended to come to Hong Kong Language School by my relatives in Hong Kong. I'm unsure as to how they came across your school.

2. How's the school environment?

The school environment was very comfortable and I enjoyed being able to have some free tea or coffee in the morning. And in order to catch the express bus I needed to arrive rather early, but I felt that the school environment was comfortable enough for me to come 1/2 an hour early and just sit and study in the waiting area.

3. How's the class atmosphere?

The class environment in my situation I believe was different from most cases. I didn't have any other classmates, but my teacher was friendly and made the one on one class situation comfortable. The schedule was also very flexible which was helpful since during my trip to HK I needed to have some mornings to do other things. The ease of rescheduling was very nice and would not have been able to do certain things during my short stay in HK if otherwise.

4. How's your teacher? Was your class effective? Did you learn what you had expected?

My teacher was very good--Although our lessons followed the book's structure, she was open to answering any of my questions that I had regarding Hong Kong life. During my stay in Hong Kong I came across things that I didn't understand and things that my relative's generation were unable to answer, but she was always willing to give thorough explanations. Even when she could not, she came in the following class with the answer which I really appreciated. She also gave me a list of common/popular dim sum foods and how to say/write them which became helpful to look at throughout the month as well. I learned a lot from this class and now I have many people back in America telling me how much my Cantonese has improved, so I think that it was indeed helpful.

5. Will you come back & take more lessons? Why?

I was halfway through Advanced 2 when I left and so there would be only 2 more books left for me if I returned. Traveling to Hong Kong is also very expensive, but given that if money isn't an issue I think that another month to finish Advanced 3 and 4 would be beneficial.

6. Will you recommend Hong Kong Language School to your friends? Why?

If my friends had the opportunity to go back to Hong Kong and wanted to take Chinese classes, yes, of course I would recommend HKLS to them. Everyone was very friendly every morning and classes were very productive and enjoyable.

Overall this was a very good experience that I'm glad to have had and a very beneficial class that I learned much from.
Thank you very much for all your time and help you've given me the past month!