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The atmosphere in class was perfect

Dr. Barbara Meisterernst from Germany (the first lady from the left)

Mandarin Advance Full Day Class (11/5 – 6/6, 2011)

Linguist, Sinologist, Researcher, Lecturer
Humboldt-University, Berlin, Germany

1, Why did you choose Hong Kong Language School?

I found Hong Kong Language School in the internet when looking for a language course fitting my very tight time schedule. The information was clearly provided and the price for a four weeks course appeared to me quite reasonable in comparison with other offers. Additionally my enquiries about enrolment and payment conditions were answered promptly and in a very friendly manner.

2, How's the school environment?

There is nothing to complain about. It is easily accessible and nicely located.

3, How's the class atmosphere?

The atmosphere in class was perfect. With only one classmate the courses were very intensive. Additionally, I was very happy with the choice of my classmate; we had a lot of fun together in class and found a lot of things to talk about and to discuss. I also had the impression that our two teachers were very well chosen for our interests and our personalities.

4, How's your teacher? Was your class effective? Did you learn what you had expected?

The two teachers we had were perfect, each in her particular way. It was very good to have two different teachers who are both native speakers of Mandarin but come from different areas and have different accents, which forced us to adapt to both of them instead of getting used to just one. Additionally, their respective idiolects and their focus in class were slightly different, partly due to age, partly due to differences in interest. I did not expect to learn so much about different aspects of modern Chinese culture, different ways of life in Hong Kong and Mainland China from two so well informed, nice and open-minded people. We had very lively discussions about many topics of the day, but also about general questions of life in China and in Europe. And we also had a lot of fun together. Carol always prepared some funny games for us, which forced me to talk, and this was exactly what I expected from the course. Additionally she opened conversations about a lot of important practical topics, such as computers, software, mobile phones, etc. and in this way provided us with a lot of relevant vocabulary for everyday purposes. With Lily we had a lot of interesting and well informed discussions about both Ancient and Modern Chinese history which I enjoyed very much. It was always great with both of them. I was never bored even for a minute and I would have liked to continue for another month or two. Already during, and particularly after the course I felt much more confident with my Chinese colleagues, I understand them a lot better now and I am less reluctant to join in a Chinese conversation than I was before.

Thanks a lot again to both of you, Lily and Carol. I really miss our discussions.

5, Will you come back & take more lessons? Why?

If I ever have the occasion I will definitely come back for another course like the one I had. I learned Modern Chinese mostly on my own, and although I went to some evening classes before, this course was the first that really suited me and my particular interests. It was very good for me to have the opportunity to speak Chinese in an environment that provided normal conversational situations and discussions on everyday topics and did not just follow the (mostly not very interesting) topics in an exercise book. Both teachers always reacted to every question and topic we raised and provided the relevant vocabulary, etc.

6, Will you recommend Hong Kong Language School to your friends? Why?

Certainly for all the above reasons. If all teachers are like Lily and Carol, nothing can go wrong.